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Two Continents, Two Conferences, One Conclusion

Over the last few weeks I attended the AIIM Conference (the theme was Digital Transformation in Action) in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and the IRMS Conference (the theme was Information Superheroes) in Brighton, UK. It was my third time at AIIM, at which I did one of the roundtables, and it...

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5 Things Needed for Innovation

This was taken from the next to last slide (full presentation available here ) from my keynote session at the IRMS Conference in Brighton, UK from 15-17 May, 2016. These things were also included in the ebook Digital Transformation in Action by John Mancini , that was put out in advance of...

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John Mancini discusses how to navigate some of today's biggest business challenges

Recently we had a chance to talk with John Mancini, President and CEO of AIIM, and hear his candid thoughts on some of the business world's most pressing issues today. Mancini is very direct about the scale and impact of the challenges organizations are facing right now with what he...

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Is Social Collaboration a Disruptor?

According to Wikipedia, "disruptors are employed by several alien species in the Star Trek series, including Romulans, Klingons, Breen, Cardassians, Iridians and Orions in their personal and military small arms as well as being mounted as cannon, emitters, turrets, and banks. Only the first...

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