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Ensuring Compliance: Information Types Your Organization Should Be Concerned About

This sensitive information can include: personal information: birthdate, address, social security number, race medical information: medical history, allergies, patient health records, insurance information financial information: employment records, tax information, bank accounts These types of company, customer, or employee sensitive security information, logistical information, financial information, or even an improper address or phone number, may create privacy and/or security threats that could be exploited by a third party

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IDR: Is it right for you?

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) is one type of technology being employed to increase productivity and reduce costs. IDR allows organizations to reduce manual data entry; automate data capture from documents and data types, and employ solutions that are easy to implement, affordable, fast and scalable

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OCR Stands for Automation – Not Literally

Michael noted that OCR only works for certain types of documents, namely forms. Now he is correct that OCR only works for certain types of documents, however, the realm extends far beyond forms to include both structured, semi structured and un-structured document types

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With more and more business-critical data arriving locked away in email attachments, businesses can’t afford not to automate the extraction process.

You need to download the attachment, open it, find the pertinent information, enter it and save the source – which, by the way, can arrive as one of dozens of different file types, each with its own quirks and pitfalls

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Data Can Be Records, Too

Those information assets can come in many forms and media types. To really manage the records that you want to keep and have to keep, you must consider all of their forms and media types. Media Types that Can Be Records These are some examples of media types that may be records

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What Is an Electronic Form?

Generally, there are two different types: Distributable (think PDFs that can be downloaded or emailed), or web-pages (basically, a front-end to a database or applications)

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