Charlotte Bobcats Mine Big Data To Aid In NBA Draft

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 06-25-2012 15:50


If you were the president of a 7-59 NBA team you'd think that it was time to do things differently.  That is exactly what the Charlotte Bobcats did when they hired new general manager Rich Cho.

MLB is famous for it's use of advanced statistics, primarily among the Society of American Baseball Researchers (SABR) and those who follow them that are affectionately called SABR-nerds.  Cho is a new type of SABR-nerd, but making the B stand for basketball instead of baseball.

Cho told the Bobcats they need to leverate technology more and from scratch built a database scouting system which contains more then 50,000 web pages.

The technology works smarter so scounts don't have to work harder.  It mines statistical data that automatically populates reports so scouts can focus on evaluating data instead of researching and inputting data.  The system doesn't just look at stats, but also player background and salary information. 

You can learn more about the Cho and his scouting database at the Charlotte Observer.

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07-10-2012 04:26

Nice strategy! But I think, Erik Spolstra has a better strategy.

06-26-2012 15:27

You have a good strategy but try to think like a "Records Manager" instead of "IT Manager". Every term you used to describe this functional requirement is based on IT which is part of your overall records & information management (RIM)strategy. Never assume the data you collect will give you the desired results. Always consult with an experienced RIM professional to help you sort through the computer "crap" and create reports that capture the content you want to emphasize. For example in this years NBA Draft TV experts and others have said that this draft is a (1) person draft and picks from (2-10) are just about even. Don't believe the hype!!!...If you are gathering the right data you already know that this draft is heavy on PG and SG. Teams looking for a quality PG will have little or no dificulty finding one. Charlotte needs all the help they can get. Keep up the good work.