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Occupy IT: John Mancini Peers Behind the Fire Curtain

But it's the cloud where this argument goes moot...It's the costs that keep climbing...It's a world freed up from the grip of a centrally managed hierarchy

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Least Content Denominator

It's 1997 and you just saw the future: your food service specials in your corporate cafeteria for the coming week...If it's good enough for Facebook it's a storyline that your office colleagues can swallow too

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Enterprise 2.0, desperately seeking bosses

It is more than a week without a new article on Enterprise 2.0, collaboration, enterprise social networking, corporate social business, etc

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Pricing Models and What Drives The Decision

No matter what it is, if it has a price tag, some younger folks will balk at it and think to themselves, “there’s got to be an open source project that does the same thing&rdquo

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RIM to drive up the value of Time Capsules?

For as much as good RIM is about retaining information to meet compliance obligations, to facilitate productivity and to generate competitive advantage, it’s also about disposing of records, non-records and other transitory bits and bytes in a timely manner to reduce risk, free up storage space and keep people from having to trip over it on their search for information of value. It’s the latter bit that gave me pause

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Discussion Point: the R&IM Program as Finishing School

It is natural that the charter or incorporation law should be made the vehicle of restraints or regulations which might not be readily imposed upon natural persons acting on their own initiative, and the course of legislative history bears this out

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Stealing Your Content for Fame and Fortune

A leading bank had sensitive information released by former IT employees...The famous U.S. hospital would have to take her seriously, Baloch knew, when it realized she was prepared to post its confidential patient records on the Internet

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