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How to Make Content "Intelligent"

There are known taxonomies out there, most proprietary, but they only work for structured and single-purpose document types. 2) Expansion of the CMIS standard to include taxonomy and classification capabilities into XML file structures to enable content re-use and auto and self-classification in context of file/content creation

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Build it and they will come

The problem was the portals had no purpose...Now they are being brought back into play with the purpose of being a single point of access that is configurable to meet the users’ requirements and preferences

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A Cavalcade Of Tourists

Big Data & The Promise of Usefulness Now that we're in the age of Big Data we seem to have this belief that all old, dead information will once again take on new life and new purpose

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

The usage scenarios are primarily for reference purposes, such as checking the price on a proposal document or looking at the age listed on an application, etc

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Content: It’s All About (Safe) Access

But they’re still a long way off from that...They’re convenient and typically operate on a “pay as you go” model...You’re resigned to the standards of the third-party cloud vendor

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My Personal Guide to Twitter or When It's OK to Talk About Mankinis

You’re going to miss interesting tweets and conversations...If you’re automatically DMing folks; stop it...Figure out why you’re using Twitter

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What is the cost of a Lost Document

This allows for future processes – which might include re-importing and re-processing...Even if the index data is not captured on the first time around it is possible to re-import the images for a second round

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