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Predictions for ECM in 2014

One of the best parts of participating in the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) sessions is the opportunity to discuss big ideas and, let's be honest -- to also dig into rumor and speculation about what we'll see in the near (and distant) future from the major platform and OEM players...

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ECM for Unstructured Content Only? No Way

I’m also not even sure that ECM really exists other than as some ephemeral (in the grand scheme of things) concept and marketing bumpf

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Want to Fit Into Big Data? You'd Better Hit the Gym First!

Not sure about which direction to head with next year’s marketing budget? There’s a dashboard on the marketing director’s desk that tells us exactly how effective our dollars have been over the last 3 years

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ECM, BPM, and the Cloud: First Things First!

If you're like me – and I know I am – then you're probably sick of posts and articles with headlines such as the one above. But I am fresh off a number of conversations with both media types and end-users that have compelled me to visit the subject again because of the...

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Content Chaos - All organizations suffer from it, but what do you do?

AIIM’s intimate and educational sessions focus on these 4 essential elements: - Automation - minimizing paper and manual processes in core backend activities (finance, HR, sales, marketing) - Collaboration - moving beyond email and shared drives to tools and techniques that foster innovation and knowledge share - Communication - using social technologies to better find and engage customers - Mitigation - managing information assets against risk and legal costs in this era of social business Make sure to check out what a recent attendee said about his seminar experience

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