Content Chaos - All organizations suffer from it, but what do you do?

By Beth Mayhew posted 04-11-2011 09:20


Content Chaos – all organizations have it.  Whether you’re a small-medium sized business, government agency, or a huge enterprise, you have content everywhere that needs to be managed.

For many years, organizations have neglected their information assets, particularly those that live in email, documents and rich media. The resulting “content chaos” has inhibited growth and increased risk. Today, the sheer volume and variety of information that fuels critical business processes demands attention and care.

How can we turn digital disorder into a well-oiled information machine?

How can we make our information work for us to increase productivity and enable better decision making?

If you’re looking for a free, educational event that will provide you with great information and resources, then look no further. 

AIIM (the community that provides education, research, and best practices to help organizations find, control, and optimize their information,) has 6 seminars traveling to Houston, TX – May 3; Dallas, TX – May 5; San Francisco, CA – May 10; Bellevue, WA – May 12; Denver, CO – May 17, and Anaheim, CA – May 19.

Space is limited, so hurry and register at

 AIIM’s intimate and educational sessions focus on these 4 essential elements:

- Automation- minimizing paper and manual processes in core backend activities (finance, HR, sales, marketing)
- Collaboration - moving beyond email and shared drives to tools and techniques that foster innovation and knowledge share
- Communication - using social technologies to better find and engage customers
- Mitigation - managing information assets against risk and legal costs in this era of social business

 Make sure to check out what a recent attendee said about his seminar experience.

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