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Automate your content-intensive processes and unclog your business

My session will be on March 22 at noon; Automate Your Content-Intensive Processes and Unclog Your Business...In my view, clogged processes due to content-intensive processes can and should be addressed in a timely yet proper manner

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5 Questions about Migrating Documents into a Cloud Content Management Application

These questions are: How much data (files/documents) will be migrated to the cloud application?...However, the greater question is how will the files be migrated to the cloud application once it is ready to be used?

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Mobile Content for Mobile Users

The usage scenarios are primarily for reference purposes, such as checking the price on a proposal document or looking at the age listed on an application, etc...How big a market opportunity is creating mobile applications for the various repositories in use today?

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Are SMBs Getting Forgotten?

One thing that I find a bit of concern when watching technologies being developed and marketed is that Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) are often forgotten with respect to software applications needs

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iPhone 5 for developers and content providers

This might be an opportunity for some developers to produce applications that will integrate with other map sources to offer a better alternative to end-users. What is lesser known is that Apple has introduced in iOS 6 the possibility for developers to integrate with the new Maps application. This may be done either by launching the Maps application from another application and providing a route to calculate, or to open an application that will actually perform the routing when a user requests directions in the Maps app

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