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How to Do Mobile Capture without Making the Mistakes We Learned to Avoid 10 Years Ago

bringing in the era of “content intensive...applications” or whatever term most of us...distributed capture of loan applications. They...APPLICATIONS Let’s start from the top

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5 Questions about Migrating Documents into a Cloud Content Management Application

application for your business, there are a number...) will be migrated to the cloud application...the cloud application once it is ready to...application by dragging and dropping the files or

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CMIS, A Standard Whose Time has Come

scenes. Application-to-Repository (A2R...) : This is where an application that uses...Component Content Applications: Create application, say Correspondence

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Are SMBs Getting Forgotten?

with respect to software applications needs...applications that work well in a corporate or large...applications, or email archiving solutions applications that can provide these

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