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The Golden Age of Cloud Services

For example, Amazon's drone delivery was outlandish, yet within the next 5 years I have no doubt that we'll see same-day delivery of any product to any location in the world (percentage delivered via drone still questionable)

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Make Content Consumption Social To Deliver More Organizational Value

Making the discovery of relevant content easier and more efficient is one of the potential business benefits of Enterprise 2.0 systems. It's good for the company if employees can more quickly find and consume the content they need. And social computing technologies present us with the...

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Want to Fit Into Big Data? You'd Better Hit the Gym First!

Two years later…we need to allow our customer service representatives to access contracts, invoices, change orders, data and delivery tickets to answer client questions

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Is Social Business Ready to Grow Up?

As we look to transform a broken and cost riddled healthcare system, the lessons learned from early adopters (within healthcare and across other industries) will prove essential in ushering in a more social and collaborative healthcare delivery model

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Mobile ECM - What YOU Need to be (at Least) Thinking About

The delivery of contextual feedback provides instant access to accurate and relevant information, knowledge, and expertise on the work you are doing right now– your business critical content

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Size doesn't matter... resolution does

Associated with the cost is of course the speed of execution and reaction that becomes longer in a world that expects nothing less than real-time delivery

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