How did this get here?

By Bob Larrivee posted 02-17-2011 19:21


This is a question that should be asked in relation to content entering a process. How did that get here? We get information sent to use constantly by email, fax, and any other means possible including physical mail delivery. The question then grows to one of not only how it came to us but from where and of course why?

When assessing content management initiatives, you must also include process in the discussion which is the reason I asked how the content came to us and where it came from. The why, is the reason we get it but how did it get here in the first place. You need to identify the sources and mechanisms used to move content to and from your organization and as a result, make determinations as to the effectiveness of this method and alternative approaches. For example, if your organization uses fax as a primary means of communications, are you using disparate fax machines throughout the organization and if so, what would be the gain in moving to a centralized server? The only way to make an intelligent decision is to identify the source of the content you receive and the way it is transferred to you.

In my view, many organizations fall short in this area as process is often seen as unrelated to content when in fact it is tightly related. When we change something in the content environment, we change the way we work so it is critical to know the source, communication method and assess the options. How did this get here? - is a critical question and one that needs to asked regularly. When was the last time you identified the source of content and how it enters your organizational processes? Did it get here by fax and if so, physically or through a server? Could this content enter the process in such a way as to launch a workflow automatically? If you are not sure, now is a good time to start investigating and assessing how this got here.

What say you? Do you have a story to tell? What are your thoughts on this topic? What is on your mind? Do you have a topic of interest you would like discussed in this forum? Let me know.


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