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Fixed vs. Dynamic Content: Lifecycle Management

For many organizations, lifecycle management of content is an important capability to address compliance and litigation concerns. But recognize that content takes many different forms, and the lifecycle management processes must be adapted to address the varying content types, with the primary distinction between fixed and dynamic content, as shown in the table below. For most organizations, coming up with a plan to address dynamic content is more challenging

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Technology Vendors, RM and IT: Collaborate to Ensure that Electronic Records Management Requirements are Met

ERM was thought to be even less on the radar of some e-mail, social networking, and cloud storage providers who have relatively recently begun providing document storage services to mid-sized and larger business customers

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Will ECM vendors catch up to Back Office Content Solutions?

These ECM vendors and partners may address one or two business challenges, but there are back office content solutions in every process. Yet, while these back office content solutions do a great job of meeting the specific business challenge, they don’t address information governance

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Content Obesity - Diagnosis & Treatment

It’s all digital so… “storage is cheap, we’ll just buy some more storage”: A staggering 78% of respondents to another recent study , stated that their strategy for dealing with data growth was to “buy more storage”! Newsflash: Storage is not cheap!

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The challenge of publishing content for offline and mobile use

HTML5 addresses the needs of all document types and allows the organization to create custom applications, but is ‘top-heavy’ when it comes to addressing the needs of offline mobile users, and provides no out-of-the-box mechanism for efficiently handling updates or minimizing the amount of data to be distributed to offline users

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Coming to a landfill near you: Health Records!

When he looked closer at the contents in this pile, he discovered the un-shredded documents were in fact medical records that contained names, addresses, test results, Health Insurance information and even Social Security numbers

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