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Immediately Stop Using Tape for Archiving

addressable storage (CAS) archiving for ESI for business continuity. Begin an...backup storage for business continuity, of ESI for business and legal reasons

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Fixed vs. Dynamic Content: Lifecycle Management

to address compliance and processes must be adapted to address...plan to address dynamic content is more...the storage and retrieval implications, as...well on its way to addressing its dynamic

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Will ECM vendors catch up to Back Office Content Solutions?

vendors and partners may address one or challenge, they don’t address...documents. Storage and performance are some of

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The challenge of publishing content for offline and mobile use

HTML5 addresses the needs of all document...’ when it comes to addressing the, they are automatically routed to the...and storage on mobile devices with limited

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5 Questions about Migrating Documents into a Cloud Content Management Application

When considering a cloud file if needed. However, the greater...will be paying for storage not used. The...address and when received, the service strips...amount of storage used – not to mention

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