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How Cloud Is Shaping The Future Of Public Sector IT Security

A Vodafone UK survey conducted among the Information and Communication Technology teams at public sector organizations across the country threw some pretty interesting results. According to the report, 80% of the public sector officials were interested in implementing BYOD (Bring...

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5 Points to Consider when Choosing a Project Manager

Picking the right project management tool can be a long and painful process. Apply this quick 5-point test to packages you’re evaluating for your business, and if one passes with flying colors, it could be the right choice for you. Here are the 5 points to consider: 1) Functionality...

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Is the Future of Your Business with Clould Computing?

By that, I mean a future in cloud computing. Studies reveal it is gaining traction in among leaders in the small to medium size business community. In a recent survey, 435 of those respondents that had transitioned some or all of their computing needs to the cloud, reported measurable...

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What I Learned Hanging Out with Non-SharePointers

Not surprisingly, I attend a lot of SharePoint events around the globe. For those unfamiliar with the SharePoint Saturday phenomenon, I believe I still hold the title of most SPS events attended in a calendar year at 18, and presented at all of them. Add to that just about every other major...

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The top 5 hosting myths debunked

Picture this: You’ve just landed a job as a system administrator in a small business with a promising future. So far so good, right? Not so fast. As the company’s go-to guy for all things IT, you’re faced with the biggest challenge of your career, which is to pick up the pieces...

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Innovative open source software

When I originally discovered open source software, most of the projects were usually works of love, developed by passionate amateurs in their free time and that were interesting but were often not production ready, poorly documented and sometimes less innovative than closed source software. In...

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Cloud Content Management – AIIM’s New Toolkit

Thinking about moving to the cloud or establishing a cloud information management system can be both exciting and nerve racking. There are many good reasons and benefits for getting a site but there are as many reasons why the cloud can be a risky proposition. Below is an “extract”...

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Is Social Collaboration a Disruptor?

According to Wikipedia, "disruptors are employed by several alien species in the Star Trek series, including Romulans, Klingons, Breen, Cardassians, Iridians and Orions in their personal and military small arms as well as being mounted as cannon, emitters, turrets, and banks. Only the first...

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How Companies Utilize IT Outsourcing and What We Can Learn From Them

As technology and the infrastructure that supports it continue to improve by leaps and bounds, so too does the IT outsourcing market continue to grow. The reliance on IT outsourcing for certain aspects of a company has always been there, and now the latest advancements has opened up new...

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So … What is Yammer? My Simple View

You may have heard that Microsoft is buying a company called Yammer for $1.2 Billion dollars. You may be wondering what this means. You also may be wondering just what Yammer is. Below I have provided a very simple, yet I think apropos, description of what Yammer is and why Microsoft was willing...

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