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Going paperless: Cloud-based document management, or enterprise EDMS?

There are also a few standard questions you should ask as you research a third-party electronic document management provider...Is the new electronic document management software designed to work with your current software?

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What We Saw at Document Capture 2010

My most recent stop was in New York, where my colleagues and I attended Harvey Spencer’s Document Capture 2010...It was also a good opportunity to share ideas and network with many leading professionals from within the document capture community

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Update EIM Enterprise Information Management

‪#‎ EIM2015‬ Update Information Management 2015 Im Januar/Februar 2015 findet die alljährliche PROJECT-CONSULT-Veranstaltung zum EIM Enterprise Information Management mit Dr

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Clouds May Bring Dark Days for Records Management

Add yet another headache for records management...And now the iCloud permits documents and other objects to be stored in the cloud but synchronized to various devices

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3 Migration Strategies for Moving Content into the Cloud

Allow users to move documents on an as needed basis. This allows users to move the documents from their current repository to the new repository when the document(s) are needed

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How To: File and Document Conversion with Cloud Storage

Locate and open the “My Box Files” folder found in My Documents Create shared sub-folders within both of these folders for different workflows you would like to create

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