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The Benefit of the Broad View

A few weeks ago, I attended AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council (ELC) meeting. The ELC is one of the best things to come out of AIIM lately. They somehow manage to bring together a diverse group of fascinating speakers from a variety of industry, government and academia, who are willing to...

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Moving Towards A Paperless Work Space

Although businesses have not fully implemented a digital work space, research showed that investing in an all-electronic communication system can enhance work space, increase productivity, and most importantly benefit the environment. Through this study, participants were left with an understanding of the benefits and success of implementing scanning and data capture services

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Webinar AIIM True North Feb 25 - Delivering a Successful Cloud Project

Title: Delivering a Success Cloud Project Description: The session will cover several aspects of moving to the cloud, starting with: 1) Overview of Cloud Services such as: understand the different types of cloud service models, understand benefits and challenges of each model, and start thinking about a decision framework for the right model for your initiatives; 2) Business Drivers for Cloud Services such as: understand the financial drivers for cloud services and understand the non-financial drivers for cloud services; 3) Common Cloud I nitiatives such as: a notional cloud service roadmap with milestones and dependencies; 4) Common Cloud Challenges such as: understand commonly encountered challenges and discuss some strategies for avoiding them or minimizing their impact; 5) Strategic Planning for Long Term Success such as: how to align cloud initiatives with business strategy and planning; 6) Measuring Success such as: move beyond measuring project success by budget and schedule criteria to measuring benefits realization including adoption and business value

 02-25-2021 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

Benefits to a shared service model As Lawrence Wischerth posted in an AIIM blog back in September 2010, Is Shared Services Making a Comeback? , he pointed out several benefits: Ability to share and allocate costs Creating a team of document capture specialists Taking advantage of economies of scale Implementing consistent operating procedures, quality control and security I would also add that organizations are looking for an enterprise solution that can be tuned to address specific business applications, rather than having to purchase and support several different point solutions. There are also several factors that seem to be pushing organizations to a shared services approach including: Business units are asking for quick solutions to their problems – Capturing, digitizing paper, and connecting it with business systems and electronic processes is something that many parts of a business can benefit from

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A Mobile Capture Success at TAWPI Capture 2012

Earlier this month, I traveled to the Lone Star State to lead an educational session at Capture 2012: Imaging to Archive, one of the industry’s premier events on complex data capture and transactional content management.While conferences across a variety of industries are struggling to remain on top of real-world trends, I felt that Capture 2012 did a great job of tapping into the pain points and benefits organizations can realize from deploying capture automation and processing technologies. My talk focused on the changing landscape of mobile technology and the many benefits that OCR technology brings to today’s mobile devices and form driven institutions, and provided use cases for how data capture technology can turn smartphones into powerful data capture and input devices

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Demystifying Forms Processing and Data Capture

Forms Processing is a proven technology that allows organizations of all sizes to benefit by improving efficiency and decreasing operational costs

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Content in the Cloud

Let’s consider the benefits, in order of priority as I see them: It gives you a way to collaborate with “outsiders.” One of the big benefits of the current cloud offerings is the simplicity in which you can spin up a collaboration space with people outside of a corporate firewall

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What We Saw at Document Capture 2010

We also help them to provide better customer service – a big benefit in a down economy – and one which has made the value of our expertise gain more attention and activity. It goes without saying that we still haven’t tapped into every market that can realize real benefit from our solutions, but we do continue to jointly define new opportunities

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