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The Benefit of the Broad View

A few weeks ago, I attended AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council (ELC) meeting. The ELC is one of the best things to come out of AIIM lately. They somehow manage to bring together a diverse group of fascinating speakers from a variety of industry, government and academia, who are willing to...

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Moving Towards A Paperless Work Space

benefit the environment. Through this study...benefits and success of implementing scanning...and can benefit customers, there is...benefit to implementing a solution 38...Among the many benefits of using portable

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

capture. Benefits to a shared service model...several benefits: Ability to share and...that many parts of a business can benefit...benefits. Many organizations are replacing old

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Content in the Cloud

offerings.) Let’s consider the benefits...outsiders.” One of the big benefits of

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Demystifying Forms Processing and Data Capture

to benefit by improving efficiency and...the benefits of Forms Processing once only...organization can now truly benefit from the 80...% investment and turn this effort into 80% benefit

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