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Member of the Week: Erica Johnson - Records, Change Management, SharePoint, and Big Buckets

I’ll let Greg Fitzgerald, who nominated Erica, take it from here: Erica has always been a key member of our Records Management team here at Freeport McMoRan

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The Need for Change Management

What would software development be without change management? The two are inseparable...What is change management?

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What Unicorns and Electronic Records Management Have In Common

Something else to consider in the digital age is even though something might be pertinent to the whole organization, there are other means as well that can be used to communicate this information such as Sharepoint, shared drives, etc

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SharePoint: A Point of Confusion

Recent AIIM Research reveals that the rapid adoption rate for SharePoint has created confusion in many organizations regarding their future strategy for information management,particularly those with existing and established ECM (Enterprise Content Management), RM (Records Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) systems

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Big SharePoint Tent

SharePoint's most availing attribute has nothing to do with its features, functions, or custom sleights of hand...It's that ever-engulfing big SharePoint tent...Whether SharePoint gets its own home and garden channel is one thing

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What the CIO Thinks About the Electronic Records Management Project

Immediately following, I gingerly tiptoed towards electronic records management for all storage locations...In the past we’ve looked to this executive to be our sponsor for the electronic records management implementation

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