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Why implement a BPM Strategy in your business?

Management strategy can go a significant way...significant contribution to its strategy and...strategies. The recently published 3 rd edition...#strategy #BPM #business process management

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Join us September 8th to discuss social strategies, use cases and governance frameworks

Social Business Conference, September 8, 2011 View more presentations from Atle Skjekkeland . #governance #enterprise2.0 #SocialBusiness #AIIM

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Social Business Virtual Event: Claire Flanagan, Getting Beyond the Field of Dreams: Building a Successful Social Business Strategy, Inside and Out

Strategy at CSC, to share some thoughts strategy development and...implemented its social business strategy and used...transformation change strategy. I firmly believe that

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Looking at SharePoint Beyond the Social Buzz

part of your SharePoint strategy & strategies. Regardless of version used...strategy is translating end user computing strategies, remember that

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