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Does India Really Know More About Business Process Outsourcing Than We Do?

Business process outsourcing in India is a $20 billion industry that is forecast to grow 12-15% over the next year. The Indian share of global BPO outsourcing is estimated at 37%

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It is all about process!

For those who watched the Lions play this past Sunday, what you heard and continue to hear was how the process of what once was considered to be a touchdown catch, was not finished

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Scenes From A SharePoint Installation Process

Microsoft has done some brilliant marketing around SharePoint, they’ve managed to manipulate the very software approval process at many large organizations

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Business Process Improvement: 5 Ways to Leverage Collaboration

To improve process management decisions, leveraging internal knowledge through collaborative group sessions is a better bet...Here are examples of ways to capitalize on collaboration for business process improvement: #1

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Your Most Familiar Processes - Rethink before using E2.0

The Bad We never take the time to step back, especially with our most familiar processes. Just as the golfer, runner and tennis players have developed their strokes over the years we have developed ours with our most familiar processes and we implicitly view these processes as a given. There is danger in this, as our business world evolves, along with our processes. When a solution is needed for a very familiar process we are quick to construct a technical solution to deal with the issue, without ever stepping back and asking if the process itself is in need of adjustment

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