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Optimizing in the Collaborative Age

Examine the Process The quality of a product...out of nowhere. The process and the inputs...that go into that process determine the...improvements to overall process, and those things

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It is all about process!

continue to hear was how the process of what...finish the process of catching the ball in...understanding the rules, associated processes and...addressed. Many businesses see process

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What’s Old Is New Again: IT Priorities, Business Processes and CPOs

effectiveness and efficiency of business processes...processes. Third was increasing the...effectiveness of those processes. The priorities...efficiency of business processes ranked first and

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OCR to Better Business Processes

business processes? Let me count the ways...processes, expedites transactions, saves money...process and extract the necessary information...facilitate the process, but documentation must be

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BPM is a Team Sport

Business Process Management (BPM) project. Who...and look at the overall process, you may...process is the beginning of the next and what...determine how process is managed or changed

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It's time to seriously think about what we're measuring

metrics and business processes . The reason is...something is worth or not - business process...that business process does not mean...improving business processes through social

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