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Boxworks 2016 - A Review

Two key changes from last year really made me happy: Box’s enterprise customers (at least the ones on the panel during the analyst event) are calling Box content management (advanced content management, even); Box is unequivocally stating that Platform is the base upon which the...

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Information Governance Must Change

Information governance (IG) is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards, and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share, and use information. Governance is mandated internally and externally. ( PHIGs IMC Inc – 2014 ) The above graphic,...

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UnFUDding Cloud Content Management (a rant)

Yesterday (May 30, 2016) I read this article which contends that Box, Dropbox, and others are not content management platforms. I was considering not linking to the article and just putting up screen shots of the main points, but I decided on the link instead. The article is nothing but FUD ...

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Box Announces Governance – Another Step Towards #ECMnext

So Box came out and announced Box Governance this week. For those of you thinking that Box is just one of the surfeit of file sharing providers on the planet, think again. Box has been steadfast in stating that they are providing content management and this week’s announcement is further proof...

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Regardless of what you’ve been hearing, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not dead. For years ECM has been harangued as being overly cumbersome, overly expensive, overly difficult, and underwhelming when it came to delivering benefits. That’s all about to change… The manner in which ECM...

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Adopting ECM - A Case Study in Failure

Earlier this year I completed an assessment of Alfresco for a university client. The university licensed Alfresco several years ago and did not have much success. They hired me to find out why, and what to do about it. The options they wanted to look at were to continue on with Alfresco or...

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Thoughts from the Box EMEA Analyst Day

In late February I went to London to attend Box's EMEA analyst event ... #InformationGovernance #box #cloud #EFSS

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PODCAST: Connie Moore and I Discuss EFSS and ECM

A while back I wrote a couple of posts about Enterprise File Sync & Share and ECM. In this podcast Connie Moore and I chat about those two markets. #ECM #box #EFSS #huddle

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On February 10, 2015 Box announced the beta for Enterprise Key Management. Here's my take on it and what it could mean for organizations ... #Security #EIM #box #cloud