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Get With the Flow

Csikzentmihalyi makes the point that, “like all adventures worth having, (optimal experience) will not be an easy one

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Social Media Integration: What’s the limit for Banks?

” Some others have created corporate pages on Social websites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with the existing customers and the outside world in a more personal way and build a community like experience

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Failure is not an option: Making Change Happen

” Napoleon Hill Change management requires strong commitment. In early 2009, The M ITRE Corporation introduced a Web 2.0 innovation management platform as the host-environment for our annual internal Research Program proposal competition

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What people are looking for in a CMS/WCM solution today - Changing world of WCM/ CMS solutions!

Some of the key observations from my experiences with customers, partners and consumers: CIO (IT) and CMO (Marketing) organizations are conceptualizing the needs (not necessarily the solution) together

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UAMS staying on the edge of technology with Web Access to Content Management

UAMS was one of the leadingcustomers in 1999 to test and implement the Web Access Portal to our Content Management Software (EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender which we purchased and implemented in 1997)

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Social Networking

In my case I worked for a software company in the industry, and around 2002 we decided to become a records management software company. I had some experience with government, both as an employee and with our customers, and was the logical person to work on it

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Decline of Web 2.0 Pure Plays - Power of Low Friction Interaction

The net result is a more enjoyable overall experience, due to less work...The Gartner Generation 7 Portals : Unifying the User Experience report highlights this

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Content Decision Fatigue

That turns out to be true of your capacity to deal with alternatives, make decisions and even to sustain your efforts at tasks.These finding have profound implications for enterprise content management (ECM)

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