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Increasing Retention Periods require Open Archiving Standards

Due to the constantly increasing legal retention periods for electronic data, more and more government organizations and enterprises have to deal with old electronic archives from which the original manufacturer can be anything from being acquired to the absence of technical support for an older...

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I Support DOD 5015.2; and Encourage ALL Federal Agencies to Adopt It

Here's the longer version of my title: Why I Not Only Support the DoD 5015.02-STD Standard, I Encourage all Federal Agencies to Adopt it. A Counterpoint to Don Lueder’s Post. [Editor's Note:: Read Don Lueders' original post: On Why I No Longer Support the DoD 5015.2...

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Reinventing standards

A little while ago, I wrote a blog called " JCR is not dead, neither is CMIS ", in reaction to a " JCR is dead " article that was making some noise at the time. Recently my article received some interesting feedback from a user that calls himself "Roy", and...

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ANSI/AIIM 25 Trusted Solutions Standard has been published

With virtually all business records created electronically – only a few needing to be reduced to physical form -- organizations are struggling with how to address the question of whether their electronically stored information (ESI) is reliable and accurate. ANSI has adopted Standard 25...

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7 Pieces of Advice for Those Implementing the #Obama #Records Directive

Many may have noticed the coverage of the Directive outlining new records management requirements in the federal government . The directive is NARA's and OMB's response to a memo issued by President Obama in late 2011 . Among the requirements outlined in the directive: By 11/15...

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PDF Week in Mississauga, Ontario

From May 21 through 25 the delegates assembled for PDF Week, this time in the context of a full ISO TC 171 meeting. The meetings were held a conference facility owned (and kindly donated for the purpose) by Microsoft . The various sessions covering a dozen different standards and initiatives...

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Have We Hit the Era of Peak Apps? Rethinking the Mobile First Imperative with HTML5 and Responsive Design

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in CMSExpo – a conference that brings together web developers, designers, content strategists and project managers. These information professionals represented organizations ranging from huge US Federal agencies to small boutique consulting...

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Nightmare in the Digital Archives - Digital Preservation Standards

The movie Night at the Museum is a fun way to picture artifacts being preserved for future generations. Just as we preserve these artifacts of societies long past and our current societal relics, we must also be about the business of preserving our digital information. Take a minute to think...

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OpenSocial: "Social Content" Meets ECM?

Whether we talk about Systems of Engagement, collaboration, next generation intranets or Enterprise 2.0, organizations are recognizing the growth of social business applications. New forms of micro or componentized content are being used inside enterprise. But are we ready to start managing it? ...

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