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SharePoint 2010 Web Standards, Accessibility, and Usability Quick Reference Guide

The following is a SharePoint 2010 Web Standards and Usability Quick Reference Guide following EPC Group’s best practices for SharePoint GUI development (master page) and configuration best practices. SharePoint 2010 Accessibility A way to guarantee interoperability of...

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Identification to Adoption: ''Can a company afford not to be on the cutting edge?''

So, we’re looking at something that was identified as a feature in 2006 being released in 2009 and adopted by a company... well, in most cases, not even yet

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SharePoint Saturday UK 2012 Review & Low-Tech Social Network Analysis!

In my opinion there was a pretty good spread of content across techie, end-user and business, the focus wasn’t too much on SharePoint 2013 which was good, but as always I did feel there was a lack of business content, just the usual suspects, including me, Andrew Woodward, Symon Garfield, Christian Buckley and a couple of others

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SharePoint: un-planned, under-developed and un-loved - but not un-popular

It would be easy to focus on the 9% who feel it was a poor decision rather than the 55% who are positive about it – although half of those found it tougher going than they expected

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It's about business productivity, not server maintenance

" Both passionate about baseball, they had been actively looking each time we ventured out from our new house out in the woods, and were concerned at what they couldn't see

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Is BPOS for SharePoint ready for Primetime?

And finally it seems organizations feel as though the cost benefits of these solutions outweigh the functional superiority and more 9’s dependability of on-premise solutions

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SharePoint 2013 BYOD Best Practices

The design was very appealing and looked great but it was important to help both I.T. and the business understand that the “look and feel” that is implemented should follow Response Web Design (RWD) but also take into consideration the “Device Channels” or ways the users within their company will access SharePoint long-term so that this branding would be compatible in future phases

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