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AIIM Introduces Social Media Governance Training Program

I am pleased to announce that AIIM has just introduced the AIIM Social Media Governance Practitioner course. This course covers the processes, roles and responsibilities, and instruments required to successfully bring social media into the organization's governance framework for compliance, legal and regulatory requirements, and best practices for information management

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8 Things About Governance and Social Media

Social media governance cannot be assumed. Social media use is growing...The grandmother who uses social media to keep up with her grandkids will have different expectation of social media then the intern

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Social Media Gover-What?

No, social media governance is not an oxymoron...And yet it still has to be done - if you have any doubts that your or your organization's social media is discoverable or falls under existing regulatory requirements let me put that to rest

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Big Data Meets the Search Media

No, this is not about conformist behavior, pushback from the Facebook IPO, or the superficial nature of social media...If Big Data was a political super PAC, a few muckraking small media types could stalk the one-percenters writing those ballroom insider checks

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Social Media Secret Weapon: Email

This week I received a link to an interesting post called “Social Media's Secret Weapon – Email&rdquo...Specially coming together with Social Media, and even more when I saw it called out as its secret weapon!

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Social Media – A culture shock

Ever since we started talking about Social Media the discussion about culture and how to get workers to use the technologies in a meaningful manner has been ongoing as well

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Competing on the Field But Cooperating in the Office

It's not difficult to find examples of sports teams using social media. From the player (Gilbert Arenas' landmark blogging in 2006) to the team (the Red Sox using Twitter to give away free tickets during a rain delay) to the league (the NHL's tweetups ), social media has gone from being an innovative marketing tactic to a must-have component of any marketing strategy. League and individual team marketing functions are hard at work thinking up all kinds of new ways to use social media to increase fan loyalty, buy tickets, buy merchandise, and watch/listen to the games via myriad devices

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