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Challenges of Running an e-Discovery Team

determining the location of these records. Once...personal views and not those of my employer...likely to emanate from one of the following...External Legal Counsel The result of failing

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#infochat: The Value of Information

ve all seen the equation of content to...the lifeblood of business – and I...all of our careers are built on the idea...of managing or using content to asset? Some 2000 of you viewed our

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Two Reminders That There’s More to Value Than Just Economics

One of the speakers at a SharePoint...overview of SharePoint’s Web functions, and so indeed it was. But I...could not help but be struck by how many of

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Jumping the Gun: E2.0 Predictions for 2012

In the spirit of the general cultural...trend towards over-anticipation of annual...overall degeneration of our patience as a...curbing the rampant proliferation of Top 10

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Is there an ROI in Your Cloud Strategy?

information management (CIM) system may be more...of factors: Many CIM systems being...people outside of the corporate firewall (a...typically not discontinued because of the CIM

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Redaction = ROI for Document Imaging Systems

example below of a typical paper-based...Clerk makes photo copies of document copies of redacted copy (prevents...places first set of redacted copies in burn

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