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How to choose the right metrics for proving ROI of electronic records management

" In recent years, the challenge of demonstrating the value of RM has been compounded by the emergence of electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS). As the volume of electronic information has grown, EDRMS has been a welcome tool in the efforts to manage records and non-records alike. However, because EDRMS systems represent a major human and financial investment for organizations, the purchase and use of these systems comes with a high degree of senior management scrutiny

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Sensei of E2.0 - Quantifiable Benefits of Evangelism

The basic functions of E2.0 can continue to move along, but the most powerful "ah ha!...Generally it is not hard to grasp the basics - getting you 50% of the way there

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#infochat: The Value of Information

We’ve all seen the equation of content to the lifeblood of business – and I think that’s a true statement

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The Twelve Days of Capture

In keeping with the holiday spirit, here's a little parody to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that I'm calling "The Twelve Days of Capture"...On the first day of capture, my solution gave to me

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15 Articles on the Controversies of Capture

I spoke at the Controversies of Capture event at IBM Information On Demand . Here are a number of articles that go into much greater detail about the topics and controversies we discussed

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When enough is enough โ€“ ROI of imaging accuracy improvement

The prospect of 100% accurate OCR results is a good driver when it comes to implementing the technology, most of the time

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Who the $%^&^% cares about the ROI of Enterprise 2.0?

Who the $%^&^% cares about the ROI of Enterprise 2.0? This is from the Chart of the Day on Twitte r -- This chart -- showing the global minutes spent per month on social media vs. e-mail and showing the inflection point in November 2007 with an ever-widening gap since then -- tells me all I need to know about the importance of calculating the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives

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Three Rules of Zero Calorie Donuts - "Unregulated Collaboration with Built-in Governance"

What if it was possible to enjoy all of the benefits of Enterprise 2.0, instant ad-hoc collaboration, but suffer none of the downside related to approvals and governance processes?

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