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Sensei of E2.0 - Quantifiable Benefits of Evangelism

functions of E2.0 can continue to move along...the basics - getting you 50% of the way...level of proficiency needs to occur. This...give the name of your hotel to the driver

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#infochat: The Value of Information

ve all seen the equation of content to...the lifeblood of business – and I...all of our careers are built on the idea...of managing or using content to asset? Some 2000 of you viewed our

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The Twelve Days of Capture

Twelve Days of Christmas" that I'm...calling "The Twelve Days of Capture"...Here it goes... On the first day of...On the second day of capture, my solution

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Challenges of Running an e-Discovery Team

personal views and not those of my employer...likely to emanate from one of the following...External Legal Counsel The result of failing...– the risk of damage to your

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When enough is enough โ€“ ROI of imaging accuracy improvement

The prospect of 100% accurate OCR...implementing the technology, most of the time. advocate, and promoter of ways to...cost of the effort to improve OCR results

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Who the $%^&^% cares about the ROI of Enterprise 2.0?

ROI of Enterprise 2.0? This is from...the Chart of the Day on Twitte know about the importance of...calculating the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives...calculate an ROI of Enterprise 2.0 before

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Three Rules of Zero Calorie Donuts - "Unregulated Collaboration with Built-in Governance"

enjoy all of the benefits of Enterprise 2.0...of the downside related to approvals and...a result of a mass of ungoverned data...percentage of collaborative activity is

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