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The AIIM Conference is a Hit

Ladies and Gentlemen . . We have a HIT on our hands. After a few years away under the guidance of another organization the AIIM Conference is back with a Vengeance. The AIIM team pulled out all the stops and put on a fantastic...

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The Neaderthal Era of Social and Mobile; We're Living in It

If you've ever wondered what it's like to live at the beginning of a huge shift in technology; we're in it. David Pogue talks buzzwords, Siri, and the beginnings of SoLoMo. Word is he'll be singing us a song at AIIM 2012 as well. Don't miss it; register today . Web 2...

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A Few More Reasons To Attend AIIM Conference 2012 (#AIIM12)

1. The Pogue Factor David Pogue is a really funny guy, ridiculously clever. Not only will he entertain but the guy is really one of the smartest and most practical technical folks of our generation. His writing for the NY Times is brilliant and easily understood by the masses but when...

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