A Few More Reasons To Attend AIIM Conference 2012 (#AIIM12)

By Nicholas Inglis posted 12-14-2011 10:45


1. The Pogue Factor

David Pogue is a really funny guy, ridiculously clever. Not only will he entertain but the guy is really one of the smartest and most practical technical folks of our generation. His writing for the NY Times is brilliant and easily understood by the masses but when you get Pogue live, it brings together all of his skills. (Proof:

2. I’ve Been Working Hard

My presentation is going to rock and I’m going to wear sneakers (they may or may not be bright green).

3. Un-Conference?

I’ve been poking my head into the planning process for this event from time to time and it will be a game changer in so many ways for conferences in general. Everything has been rethought.

4. What’s Next

With a lineup including R. “Ray” Wang, Michael Chui, Clay Shirky, Ted Schadler, Karuana Gatimu, Dion Hinchcliffe, Craig Hepburn and AIIM’s own John Mancini and Atle Skjekkeland, you will have a huge lead on your competition in understanding what is coming next in enterprise technology.

5. The FBI Will Be There & They’re Not Looking Into You (I Think)

Two sessions will be presented by the FBI. Want to hear about the cutting edge of information management within the government’s most secretive agency? Yeah, I thought so. No, they don’t care about that Metallica album you downloaded (I think).

6. The Innovators Are Coming

Some of the most innovative companies in the information management space will be represented and give us some insight into what makes them tick. I won’t name names for the sake of vendor neutrality, but you can figure it out.

7. Brilliance From Around The World

There are speakers coming from Saudi Arabia to The Netherlands, this will not be a US lovefest, the brilliant minds from across world will be represented.

8. Preconference Training

Come for the conference, come early for the training. Get your Certificate on...

9. The Super Secret Surprises

There are a few well kept secrets about this conference, some that even I don’t know about. The FBI has nothing on these well kept gems. You won’t want to miss this.

10. Roll The Video... (if it doesn't load:

Register here (you know you want to): AIIM Conference 2012

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