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Speaking Truth to SharePoint

So how do we keep our BS detectors in working order during SharePoint deployments?...I'm much likelier to believe a SharePoint partisan who alternatively both loves and hates the product with the passion of a user, and producer

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SharePoint is a User Platform

SharePoint continues to be the latest Microsoft juggernaut, with most of the Fortune 1000 either on the platform or planning to deploy it to some degree...Microsoft has done a brilliant job at marketing SharePoint

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How SharePoint stole my heart

The product itself was called SharePoint Portal Server 2001, and it used a browser as an interface… and of course supported Netscape, which I think was the last time I saw that name in a white paper

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Scenes From A SharePoint Installation Process

When was the last time Microsoft responded to an RFP for SharePoint?...SharePoint just made its entrance...What I’ve found is that most companies are making mistakes in running with SharePoint before planning for SharePoint

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