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Repurposing Content

When I took AIIM’s ECM Master Class, one of the concepts I really didn’t understand very well at the start was ‘repurposing’ – to be honest, it seemed like a marketing buzzword. I give credit to Bob Larrivee (our instructor) and my ECM classmates for helping me to...

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SharePoint 2010 Web Standards, Accessibility, and Usability Quick Reference Guide

The following is a SharePoint 2010 Web Standards and Usability Quick Reference Guide following EPC Group’s best practices for SharePoint GUI development (master page) and configuration best practices. SharePoint 2010 Accessibility A way to guarantee interoperability of...

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Big SharePoint Tent

SharePoint's most availing attribute has nothing to do with its features, functions, or custom sleights of hand. The best thing about it? It's that ever-engulfing big SharePoint tent. You can't reach out for a referral or show up at a local workshop without enlisting a new ECM ally...

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