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Member Spotlight: Gordon Brown

Each month, we'll be taking the time to introduce you to someone from the AIIM community. Why? Because you guys are doing some really innovating things and though content may be king, connections are priceless. This month, we want you to meet Gordon Brown. We met Gordon at AIIM17, he's no...

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Recap of the War on Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Last week Document Strategy published my article, ECM or Content Services? What Is the Big Deal? It looks at why many practitioners, including myself, are not accepting Gartner’s opinion to change the term Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to Content Services. Many of us have been...

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Taps ‘n’ Apps: Craft Beer Meets the Cloud

Anyone who’s been paying attention lately, or who has met me in person, knows that I’m fairly passionate about Information Management and Craft Beer. Depending on the day, my passion for one is slightly higher than my passion for the other. What does one have to do with the other? I’m glad you...

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Plan a Successful Information Management Solution Implementation

How do you plan a successful information management solution implementation? Well, there's a LOT to it! And there are many paths to failure. In AIIM's Electronic Records Management and Enterprise Content Management master courses , we spend four whole days discussing these concepts. I highly...

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John Mancini tritt als AIIM-Präsident zurück, bleibt aber der AIIM als Evangelist & Advisor erhalten

Rund 20 Jahre lang prägte John Mancini als Präsident des internationalen Dachverbandes der ECM Enterprise Content Management Branche die Geschicke nicht nur des Verbandes sondern des Marktes mit. Er wird zukünftig für die AIIM als "Evangelist & Advisor" tätig bleiben:

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Theum: die PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter als Wissen aufbereitet

Auf unserem Update Information Management 2016 gab es in München eine kleine Premiere: Coextant stellt das nagelneue Produkt Theum am Beispiel der PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter vor. Theum ist ein intelligentes Werkzeug zur Multi-Channel-Publication von Wissen: . In...

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ECM = Enterprise CHANGE Management

Das Akronym ECM hat vielfältige Bedeutungen: die Firma Espresso Coffee Machines, im Militärbereich Electronic Counter Measures und natürlich in der IT Enterprise Content Management. In dem Maße wie sich ECM Enterprise Content Management in Richtung EIM Enterprise Information Management...

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Digital Document Storage vs. Long-Term Box Storage

When it comes to storing documents in the modern world, all signs seem to point to “digital.” This point was recently underscored as a headline-making fire at a well-known document storage warehouse sent the message loud and clear: storing paper documents creates unnecessary risks, where...

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