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Selling the P.I.R.

years of systems development, I only...notifications and the normal influx of change...project lies in the comfort level of the users...and the subjective quality of the goals

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7 Even Deadlier Sins of Information Governance

The 7 Deadly Sins of Information...implementation. Devin has done a great job of...really missing from the article is a list of...colour to the picture... Here is my list of...touches the whole of the organisation. It

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#AIIM14 Sneak Peak - Automating Your Informatibon Lifecycle Process

those of you who are unable to make the...posting a recap blog each morning of the...multitude of repositories to store information...discovery requests as well as dispose of

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Let’s Be Better Records Managers

The explosive growth of information...corresponding tidal wave of newly created recorded...for those of us in the Records Management...the success and wellbeing of our customers

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eDiscovery and Records Management, a Perfect Storm?

view of the world of RM is not universally...shared. Because of the changes to the...Federal Rules of Civil Procedure some years...regardless of whether it is being treated as an

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privilege of presenting a session with Rob...of products. Here are some of my thoughts...repositories/locations, all types of data, etc. I...governance of all data and information in the