#AIIM14 Sneak Peak - Automating Your Informatibon Lifecycle Process

By Jim Merrifield posted 04-01-2014 14:03

In about a hour the Solution Lounge will open and the #AIIM14 conference festivities will begin. Attendee’s will be eager to learn how to control the #Infochaos. I am looking forward to the amazing sessions and networking opportunities to reconnect with old faces and meet new ones. For those of you who are unable to make the conference this year, Have No Fear, I will be posting a recap blog each morning of the previous days activities for your enjoyment. I’d also like to encourage conference attendee’s to share their own takeaways by responding to the recap posts.
In addition, on Thursday, April 3rd from 11:30am - 12:00pm, I will be hosting a timely Round Table discussion entitled “Automating Your Information Lifecycle Process.” I’d like to take this opportunity to wet your appetite a bit. 
Session Description
Organizations use a multitude of repositories to store information. This makes it extremely difficult to locate information in response to client demands and discovery requests as well as dispose of information at the end of the document lifecycle. It is no longer practical to rely on manual processes to meet these goals and we can’t just keep information forever. Whether you use SharePoint or another content management platform, an automated process needs to be developed. 
Why Attend This Session?
We’ll you really don’t have much of a choice. I’m just kidding, of course you do. But if you want to hear real life case studies and learn some tips on how you can manage and govern information better and get away from outdated manual processes, I’d encourage you to buy out the time and attend. It will be time well spent. Heck, you may even be able to control the #infochaos. 
The Bottom Line
The reality is most organizations have invested much time, resources and $$$ to develop an document retention policy. If you are one of those organizations, you should be commended. However, organizations are failing to execute those policies. If we have a policy but can’t find information quickly, enforce the policy or dispose of information in a defensible way, why even have one? Really, whats the point?
Hopefully, I’ve given you enough of an incentive to attend my session. Of course, if you can’t wait till Thursday to discuss these topics, please feel free to stop by booth #6!

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