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The Recruiters are Coming, The Recruiters are Coming

I have noticed recruiters at SharePoint Saturday and other events before, but this last weekend at the SharePoint Saturday event in Los Angeles I saw at least three different firms chatting up the attendees. This is a Very Good Thing! I think the fact that recruiters are taking...

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Asking for social media usernames and passwords of employees might land you in prison

(I’m not a lawyer and this is just my personal opinion. Please don't let the big words and nice suit fool you) Have you ever checked out an applicant's Facebook profile? Seen their embarrassing pictures from Halloween? Tweets about a sensive topic? What really piqued...

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Work Finding Us

I just completed a definitive focus group of one on the only topic that voters, clergy members, politicians, porn stars, cab drivers, and SharePoint communities really care about -- that's the economy, bud. 2011 is two weeks old and I've been contacted by two headhunters -- that's...

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