The Recruiters are Coming, The Recruiters are Coming

By Jeff Shuey posted 04-20-2012 11:25




I have noticed recruiters at SharePoint Saturday and other events before, but this last weekend at the SharePoint Saturday event in Los Angeles I saw at least three different firms chatting up the attendees. This is a Very Good Thing!

I think the fact that recruiters are taking time to attend the SharePoint Saturday events is a fantastic turn of events for the SharePoint Community. It shows that there is a demand for SharePoint professionals. I think most of us that have been attending these events for a while know this, but seeing that The Recruiters are Comingaffirms it.

A Prediction and a Suggestion

  • First the Suggestion: Add a Recruiting / Job Skills Track
  • Now the Prediction: The first SharePoint Saturday event to include recruiters will be smart move and ahead of the curve.


People want to know what companies are looking for - skills, salary, competencies, certifications, etc. Companies want the best possible candidates. Working together SharePoint Saturday events can be the touchstone to make this happen.

  My Recommendations for a Recruiting / Job Skills Track would include:


Writing a Resume / CV that gets you noticed 
- For Technical Professionals 
-- IT Pros 
-- Developers 
-- Line Of Business (LOB)


What are the Skills, Certifications and Competencies Companies are looking for today (and tomorrow)


What Role does a Recruiter play in helping you find your ideal role?


Panel Discussion: 
- One with Companies that are hiring SharePoint Professionals 
- One with Partners (ISV’s, SI’s and Training Partners) and what they need from SharePoint Professionals

The benefits of a Recruiting / Job Skills Track are on several different levels. It helps grow the industry. The purpose of SharePoint Saturday events are to ... Grow the biz, grow the industry and grow the people.

Is there a risk this will turn into a job fair? 
 Mainly because SharePoint Saturday events … just like every other event … are already job fairs. This is a good thing.

Recruiters add a strong dose of legitimacy to the SharePoint Saturday events. Not that more is needed, but seeing that The Recruiters are Coming tells me this market is strong, growing and in demand.

What do you think?

  • Are recruiters a good thing at SharePoint Saturday events?
  • Would you want to have a chance to chat with recruiters?
  • Did you find your current job at a SharePoint Saturday event?

Drop me a line here in the comments or look for me at a SharePoint Saturday event.

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