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In Praise of IT Directors: Why Expertise Still Matters

” In fact, they say, “business unit stakeholders often recognize the value of new technology before IT departments can harness it.” Some people believe that this shift, this consumerization of IT, is “ killing ” IT departments—stealing their power by turning them into order takers who are scrambling to manage the haphazard IT initiatives sprouting up around the enterprise rather than focus on strategic plans

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The Facts and Friction of Forms vs. IT

The migration of business forms from paper to electronic media is an established fact – as is the often considerable friction this causes between the corporate forms and IT departments

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Why I hate IT

I didn’t give this any thought, but then, one day, after I had been working with a different department, doing requirements gathering, and helping “them” solve their issues, I overheard someone say “Mark is our favourite IT person&rdquo

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ECM Holiday Wishes and New Year Pledges

ECM ROI is determined by how well this triad communicates, understands, and supports the needs and requirements of peer departments

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