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The cloud sync tower of Babel

Also, I want to make sure that I can synchronize these documents between my work and home office computers, without the hassle of copying them back and forth using USB drives

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Did you get a 'C' in collaboration as a student? Learn how to do it before you earn a 'F' at work

If you’re a student who’s stuck using flash drives and emailing files to classmates (or even worse, yourself!)...Instead of carrying around a flash drive and hoping you’ll remember to throw it in your bag, upload all of your files to a cloud service

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Why is Search so Difficult for Enterprises?

Web pages or documents on shared drives are the easy part...Do you want to focus on the low-hanging fruit, such as documents stored on network drives?

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Should you trust the cloud ? Really ?

Some of the file-sharing systems even allow to collaboratively work on documents, as for example with Google Drive , which makes it very attractive to users that want to see in real-time who is doing what on which document

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Google Confuses Search & eDiscovery; May Cost Billions

Google gives Android away for free as a way to drive mobile phone users to their ecosystem and extremely profitable searches and advertising

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How do you compete with free? The challenge SharePoint poses to ECM vendors

The reason why having DoD 5015.2 compliant records management systems didn't protect ECM vendors from the rise of SharePoint Records management system standards such as US DoD 5015.2 and their eqivalents world wide were written to fill holes in the Microsoft Windows/Exchange/Office/Shared drive platforms that dominated organisations in the early years of the 21st century. Systems meeting those standards provided the things that shared drives lack, such as the ability to: define custom metadata for documents and folders apply version control to documents lock down documents as records share documents across team boundaries hold a fileplan hold retention and access rules apply retention and access rules to records via a fileplan The problems for these systems, and for the records management specifications that lay behind them, came when the platform owner, Microsoft, started to move to expand its platform, and to fill in some (but not all) of these holes itself

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