Are we evolving or regressing?

By Bob Larrivee posted 05-04-2010 17:00


In my classes I often promote discussion on the current, past and future state of information management. Typically there will be pros and cons about most aspects and I once posed the statement that we are not in fact evolving but regressing into a state of disarray far greater than any time before now. When I asked how that could be, since we have technology far more superior than that of the past, it was not the technology one student referenced but governance.

His point was well made and well founded. We have the ability to create and capture more information in more forms than ever before. We are faced with audio, video, email and so much more information that is a constant stream into our worlds. The challenge and this is where the position of regression comes into play, while we have the capability to create and control it we often lack the governance discipline to do so. Much of what we create and save is stored in unstructured format on network drives, local hard drives and even thumb drives. We do not know where or how much of anything is really out there.

This is where the establishment and management of a well planned and implemented ECM environment leveraging technology, policy and process is warranted and should be a requirement.

What say you? Where do you think we are headed with this? What are your thoughts on this topic?


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