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Experts needed to develop new information management certification!

We have already several experts willing to help us on a number of topics, but would like some more experts for the below topics for an in-person workshop in Baltimore Tuesday, May 3, through Thursday, May 5; Digital Rights Management Mobile applications Text analytics Business intelligence Cloud computing Telecommuting support E-discovery Email archiving Security Those who participate in development of the examination will be allowed to take the certification exam at no cost. Participants and their organizations will also receive recognition on the AIIM website for their role in helping to shape the inaugural AIIM information management certification

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Darwinistic Information Management - Native Work Habits vs Reality of Systems

Coffee cups hold tremendous insight into information management (besides holding my favorite beverage)...All items in question had undergone Darwinistic Information Management

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Trains, Planes, Trucks and Information

There is no doubt that transportation companies know how to move materials in an efficient and expeditious manner, but moving freight also requires moving information

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