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AIIM2015 - Quick Thoughts

Enterprise File Sync and Share (aka The mmppfff Problem) You don’t think that file syncing and sharing is important or disruptive? I don’t know how many sessions at the conference covered the topic, but I attended three: ECM is Not Doomed for Failure ( Lubor Ptacek , OpenText ) Use Cases: How Enterprise File Sync & Share Powers Digital Business Today ( Oracle hosted roundtable) File Sync & Share – The Future of ECM?

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Information Governance Must Change

Information governance (IG) is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards, and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share, and use information. Governance is mandated internally and externally. ( PHIGs IMC Inc – 2014 ) The above graphic,...

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UnFUDding Cloud Content Management (a rant)

Yesterday (May 30, 2016) I read this article which contends that Box, Dropbox, and others are not content management platforms. I was considering not linking to the article and just putting up screen shots of the main points, but I decided on the link instead. The article is nothing but FUD ...

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Web Content Management (WCM) Deep-Dive in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

Catalog Configuration in Cross-Site Publishing Once you share lists and libraries for use as catalogs, you can then start to reuse this content across publishing site collections. When these lists or libraries are shared as a catalog you must specify that you want to share them with other sites and site collections or optionally choose to enable anonymous access to the content in the catalog

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