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EMC releases ECM product upgrades: Will it help the slubering Documentum market?

EMC has recently announced new releases of Documentum and Captiva products at its annual customer and partner conference Momentum Vienna 2012. This is possibly the most fitting reply by EMC IIG to Oracle's accusations of 'Documentum' not being innovative in Oct 2011 (refer to Oracle...

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The State of the Art in Records Management – Part 2

The challenge with these systems is to adapt to rapidly changing technology and new market drivers. Over the past five to ten years there has been a frenzy of acquisitions by the major players, resulting in market consolidation

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PODCAST: Connie Moore and I Discuss EFSS and ECM

In this podcast Connie Moore and I chat about those two markets

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ECM Vendors go to War

The ECM market has been important to Oracle for many years but they really struggled to gain market share. Larry Ellison himself noted that the unstructured content market is at least four times larger than the market for data in structured databases. Oracle developed at least three internal products that achieved only modest success in the market

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ECM starts with Paper

If for no other reason than paper provides a nascent opportunity for ECM vendors to help their existing customers get more out of their ECM systems and also to seek new markets to sell their wares

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Do Acquisitions Sometimes Kill Needed Functionality?

Why select among highly competitive internal Research and Development projects to fund technologies for testing in markets when one might be able to buy that desired strategic advantage through just acquiring another already viable firm?

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Extending Information Controls Beyond ECM; an AIIM14 presentation

Launched a secure document exchange and secure outsourcing technology in the Asian market. Some of the technologies that Seclore is bringing to market are first of their kind in information security

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Content Sharing and Processing in a Cloud and Mobile World, an AIIM14 Presentation

Content Sharing and Processing in a Cloud and Mobile World from AIIM Doug Miles (AIIM's Director of Market Intelligence) is head of the AIIM Market Intelligence Division

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Enterprise Information Management, who are the leaders?

market recognition and legitimacy In addition to the innovative capacity and understanding of the needs of enterprises (mainly business), it is obvious that leaders will be the companies which have proven their ability to innovate , to produce cost effective solution s but which have also successfully implemented it for them. This value of the sample or demo database size will probably be key because it is the best argument for the feasibility and appropriateness of the solutions available in the market

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