Enterprise Information Management, who are the leaders?

By Claude SUPER posted 09-21-2010 06:07


Competition in ECM and EIM is not new, but it seems that the publisher side maneuvers started a few years ago are rapidly gaining in intensity.

There have been many statements about the Information Governance, the first declarations of intent but also the first communication of strategies.
At the same time,  EMC bought Kazeon (RM), Iron Mountain has absorbed Misoma Systems (email archiving and eDiscovery) and Autonomy took over the CA Enterprise Information Management technology, etc..
It was also the time for the first communication and the emergence of Enterprise Information Management in the speech of many analysts and a lot of notes and posts about information management, structured and unstructured data, have been published here and elsewhere.
Today, the competition becomes more clear as the rules are known and declared are the players, but who will win?
5 rules
  • a critical size (reserved for major players)
  • a coherent offer including:
    • Master Data Management
    • BI
    • Records Management
    • eDiscovery
    • Federation of content (ECM) and support traditional applications but also SharePoint, email and all files (video, etc.)
    • Web Content Management
    • Architecture 2.0
  • comfortable with media and social networks
  • powerful ecosystem
  • support the cloud (private / public)


IBM of course and obviously, at Armonk, this competition is taken very seriously!
There was the show in Las Vegas and the joint project IBM-SNCF already mentioned in a note (see the impacts of technological information governance at or click here).
There was, also, the purchase of Cognos and FileNet as a way to improve IBM's portfolio in Business Intelligence and ECM.
In recent weeks, IBM has announced the purchase of Open Pages and Netezza and then IBM's strategy for ownership of the most relevant solutions of content and data analysis and management becomes more concrete!
Other competitors are Autonomy, Open Text, EMC and Oracle, but do not forget Microsoft and its new solutions to Information Governance issues in SharePoint 2010.
The Leaders
The art of divination is difficult and I do not have the skills ;-)
However, tomorrow's leaders in technologies that serve the enterprise information management are named, in my opinion, in this short list.
If you're thinking to other vendors, thank you for sharing with us your ideas!
To start the debate and given the information available to date, I have built an analysis based on the following criteria:
  • quality of the technology (see solution details above)
  • ability to execute (ecosystem, size, etc.)
  • market recognition and legitimacy
In addition to the innovative capacity and understanding of the needs of enterprises (mainly business), it is obvious that leaders will be the companies which have proven their ability to innovate, to produce cost effective solutions but which have also successfully implemented it for them.
This value of the sample or demo database size will probably be key because it is the best argument for the feasibility and appropriateness of the solutions available in the market.
Moreover, and since these complex technological innovations must serve business and contribute to the growth of organizations, it is not permitted to think that these projects could be done by suppliers who are too small or do not have enough references in term of installations and customers.
On a technological side, Information Management and Governance is not a niche market. That's why most vendors of solutions that can be described as niche players (insofar as they offering do not integrate all the functional components mentioned above) are sentenced to enhance their technical solution and hope for a takeover by one of the Masters or to persevere in ensuring their sustainability in its market niche.
That said, today, for me the trifecta is IBM , Oracle and Autonomy, followed by Open Text, EMC and Microsoft, whose strategy is not as easy to understand given the information I have .
And for you?

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11-06-2013 02:53

What is your opinion about SAP EIM, is it being counted as established one with great potential or SAP is just entering in this area?