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Deliver amazing service in 140 characters or less

Here is my personal social media dashboard: What makes this more interesting, is that I monitor this for fun . Yep, you read that right. Around the office, I’m known as a social media junkie. In fact during a recent fire alarm, I was told to “evacuate before...

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Keeping IT Alive

So many of my peers talk as if they are a service organization to an unknown entity, instead of an integral part of a company

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Next Week โ€“ NOLA

Next week I will be giving a presentation at the AIIM Conference titled “Four Fried Chickens and a Coke.” If you are too young to get the reference, find a way to watch The Blues Brothers and think about the mission. Not the music, the jokes, the slapstick comedy done with cars and...

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Better Customer Experience Starts with Scrapping the Paper

And what strikes me is that this research - that focuses on scanning, imaging and capture trends - really needs to be read by digital marketers and customer service managers

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E2.0 + CRM = SCRM

As those of you who are regulars here might expect, I want to look at SCRM a bit more broadly, to consider how technology plus operational changes plus new strategy all impact how E2.0 and traditional CRM can work together to help organizations transform their customer service function

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Launching Your B2B Customer Portal: On Convenience, Buying Center Engagement, ERP Integration and more

As B2B customers tend to buy more and more online, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors can benefit from this emerging opportunity to cut their operating costs by providing self-service customer portals

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