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Social customer service

automated phone trees. A customer service rep on...a truism that customer service is one of...service. Some of the most well-known case...centers and other customer service channels

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Deliver amazing service in 140 characters or less

Here is my personal social media dashboard: What makes this more interesting, is that I monitor this for fun . Yep, you read that right. Around the office, I’m known as a social media junkie. In fact during a recent fire alarm, I was told to “evacuate before tweeting about it...

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Next Week โ€“ NOLA

Next week I will be giving a presentation at the AIIM Conference titled “Four Fried Chickens and a Coke.” If you are too young to get the reference, find a way to watch The Blues Brothers and think about the mission. Not the music, the jokes, the slapstick comedy done with cars and...

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Keeping IT Alive

service organization to an unknown entity

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How to do Alerts and Notifications

organizations in financial services and insurance...means services that capture events which...include the Integration Layer, Service Bus...Outbound Services, Delivery Confirmation, and

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E2.0 + CRM = SCRM

customer service function. Operations I...products and services. To only use these...development, customer service, sales, found (essentially for free) through

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Launching Your B2B Customer Portal: On Convenience, Buying Center Engagement, ERP Integration and more

-service customer portals. An intuitive...product/service volumes,promotions, delivery...comprehensivecustomer self-service . So, make sure you...access your service team to report problems

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