Deliver amazing service in 140 characters or less

By Daniel O'Leary posted 11-29-2012 10:25


Here is my personal social media dashboard:

Hootsuite dashboard

What makes this more interesting, is that I monitor this for fun. Yep, you read that right.

Around the office, I’m known as a social media junkie. In fact during a recent fire alarm, I was told to “evacuate before tweeting about it” if that tells you anything. Ever since I first saw Twitter, I’ve been fascinated with the ability for people to communicate and share ideas instantaneously.

About once a day, I uncover a customer issue or tidbit of knowledge that I can fix immediately. In the past I’ve jumped to help people reset passwords, update accounts, and connect the dots on product questions. If it takes me less than 30 seconds and I see it popup on my dashboard, I’ll take action on it. Hopefully this creates an amazing customer experience and triages easy to fix problems.

While this is both timely and cool, the real impact is on companies that are not proactive about reaching out to customers on social media. There is a very real threat that if you aren’t part of the conversation, people are still going to take their feedback to social networks.

How do you use social media to make an impact at your organization?

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