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Gartner ersetzt ECM durch Content Services

It’s been replaced by the term Content Services, a strategic concept that covers three aspects, namely Content Services Applications, Platforms and Components...The Content Services approach overrules the notion of consolidation for its own sake

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Deliver amazing service in 140 characters or less

Here is my personal social media dashboard: What makes this more interesting, is that I monitor this for fun . Yep, you read that right. Around the office, I’m known as a social media junkie. In fact during a recent fire alarm, I was told to “evacuate before...

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Recap of the War on Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Last week Document Strategy published my article, ECM or Content Services? What Is the Big Deal?...The InfoGov Guy, wrote an article titled, “Debate Over ‘Content Services vs

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Empowering End Users via Automation

Self-service transferring/cloning access – The ability to transfer permissions from one individual to another or give someone the same permissions as another user is a very common scenario. Self - service onboarding content – When containers get created, often there is content that already exists in file shares, on local drives, and in people’s My Sites that needs to be moved into the new container. Self - service change business contact – Typically a business contact might change during its life, either due to people changing roles and responsibilities or leaving the organization

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Immediately Stop Using Tape for Archiving

This post explains how to break the tape habit. We’re surprised at how many organizations use backup tapes as archives, to ensure that they are living up to their regulatory compliance and legal “duty to preserve” obligations. Your organization may be one of them. But...

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Hoarding, Picking, and Pawning Content - An AIIM14 Presentation

As Vice President, Information Services at American Nuclear Insurers, Dan Antion is responsible for the overall planning of technology services and for guiding teams that are building ANI’s next generation information systems

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When More is Less

This pithy thought arose while reading an article published yesterday on , which correctly identified some pitfalls associated with using more than one records management service provider. Author Richard Buttle’s points are well taken, and are equally and entirely applicable to any sort of third-party offering, including the cloud-based ECM and BPM/BPO services that dominate so much of our thinking here

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Developing a cost-effective mobile content-delivery platform

Should I provide free mobile service or paid?...Can the same model be leveraged for mobile services too?...What is the pricing of similar services by competitors?

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