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The Golden Age of Cloud Services

as each new service is added to an...enter a golden age of cloud services. and capabilities. These services will...service, allow oversight and governance, and

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Deliver amazing service in 140 characters or less

Here is my personal social media dashboard: What makes this more interesting, is that I monitor this for fun . Yep, you read that right. Around the office, I’m known as a social media junkie. In fact during a recent fire alarm, I was told to “evacuate before tweeting about it...

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The Migration Email No One Will Get

Is 2011 just another synonym for moving in your shop to SharePoint 2010? Have you been in stealth mode all along? Or have you put yourself on the line? That's right. Announced the move with a drumbeat of confidence. Fingers firmly crossed. Well, if you're still in pre-announce mode feel...

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Recap of the War on Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

my article, ECM or Content Services...Services. Many of us have been saying that ECM...of Content Services “ Business...Services” So here is a quick recap...Content Services . Then Gartner hosts a

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Empowering End Users via Automation

automation list: Self-service granting...collaboration. Self-service transferring/cloning...- service onboarding content – When...container. Self - service change business

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Hoarding, Picking, and Pawning Content - An AIIM14 Presentation

Services at American Nuclear Insurers, Dan...planning of technology services and for guiding

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How to Make Content "Intelligent"

in services which would move it to a...standard services and api framework for the...solution that is either available as a service

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