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Graphic Imaging Services

About Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. is a provider of Document Imaging solutions and services. With proven methodologies for success, we offer the ability to integrate digital and paper data into Content Management Systems. Our experience and expertise is in both documents and large format...


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We're Still Failing At Implementing SharePoint

AIIM’s most recent research report on SharePoint found that 60% of SharePoint projects are stalled, struggling or failing, we really need to take some time to reflect upon why companies are failing so miserably at implementing SharePoint. In the AIIM report, after determining that 60...

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Goal-Setting Is Key To Your Strategy

Goals are part of the meticulously built business plan. Market research, interviews with potential suppliers, possible alliances during certain phases of growth, and the identification of specific deadlines for reaching the goals are required in the business plan proposal. All the goals are...

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On-Premise vs. Hosted SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint is a Web Application platform. It is highly popular amongst businesses, small and big. The use of SharePoint has increased in recent times. As more businesses opt for SharePoint as a solution to their business issues more people are faced with the question as to whether...

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Funny thing about memories. They tend to distort some details while being eerily accurate on others. For example, when I look back at the early stages of my career, I perceive myself as significantly dumber than I am now. But every now and then I get a glimpse of who I was through a semi...

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