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To Pilot or not to Pilot E2.0 solutions.

Much discussion about the need to pilot E2.0 solutions have taken place since Andrew McAfee posted his “ Drop the pilot ” blog entry a little over a month ago

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Another Great LegalTech 2012

There was no shortage of software solutions that could be deployed either in-house or in the cloud, but the availability of eDiscovery solutions that are fully parallel with distributed Virtual Machine architectures was minimal

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Multi-Channel Input Management

The old alliance of scanner and image workflow software vendors all appear to be saying the same thing, i.e...But take heart, I’m not proposing for one minute that you throw-away the investment you made in your legacy single-channel solution for e.g. invoices

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SharePoint as a Compliance Tool.

Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel If your organization has recognized the benefits of a SharePoint platform and implemented it into your internal workflow, I ask you this: When it comes to Policy Management , Purchase Order Systems , Contract Management and Health and Safety Training Software why start over?

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SharePoint 2010, Mobility, Browser Compatibility, Compliance, and its Continued Dominance in the Marketplace

Using this web site, federal employees and the public can access resources for understanding and implementing the requirements of Section 508 as they apply to the development, procurement, maintenance, or use of electronic and information technology products and services, including software applications and operating systems, web-based internet and intranet information systems, telecommunications products, video and multimedia products, self-contained closed products and desktop and portable computers

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Enterprise 2.0 and legacy system integration.

Fortunately many vendors of legacy systems such as case management, ECM systems, HR systems, accounting systems, project management systems, etc. are adding integrated social media tools to their offerings either their own software development or by offering API interfaces to the newer social media tools “inside the firewall&rdquo

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