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Taking advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities

This TechTalk blog, written by Jonathan Matcho, director of SharePoint Solutions at Sitrof Technologies, addresses what IT directors need to know if their team is looking to implement a SharePoint strategy. Just because something looks easy, writes Matcho, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy to implement

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What's in it for me? Articulating the benefits of social collaboration

When you're putting together your business case for social collaboration, your focus must categorically be on how implementing this type of technology - and the enabling the cultural change that must accompany it - will bring benefits to your particular organisation

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Supercharge your internal support with social collaboration

One of the key challenges that organisations have when implementing these types of tools - and even before that, at the business case stage - is that it can be very difficult to articulate where the real value can come from

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Goodbye to the knowledge worker?

This will be a chance to hear from organisations who have already implemented social collaboration, to share ideas and best practices, and to network with others in the same position

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Think "initiative" not "project" for collaboration success

It's not about implementing a new technology, or just getting people to use a new technology, it's about convincing your organisation's employees to change the way they work

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Cloud Collaboration – What are the Benefits? Or, Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Well, the big deal is that I did it without “buying” a $500,000 system (spending $50K just to buy the system), I didn’t have to go through months of implementation with those pesky consultants asking me a million questions, I didn’t do any “training” except to look up an occasional question like what happens when a document “expires,” and everything seems to work out-of-the-box just as stated and expected

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Why mirroring departmental groups is not necessarily bad

When you're first implementing a social collaboration platform in your organisation - and to be clear, by this I mean a tool of any sort that has some social features, for example to create a social intranet, an online community, or an enterprise social network - one of the biggest decisions is often how to go about getting the ball rolling from a content or collaborative group structure perspective