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3 Migration Strategies for Moving Content into the Cloud

Three basic content any other formal migration of IT or mass migration of content into...its own mass migration service. Ensure...require the migration to start days or weeks

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Protecting Your Legacy Data in the Great Migration to the Cloud

move to start the migration from your old...migration approach. Utilize content and site...-appropriate content for migration in any other migration &ndash...#Migration #DataSecurity #Collaboration

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What’s the biggest challenge in Office 365? Just getting there.

reside. Most often heard problem? Migration...Migration projects can bring shudders to IT...teams. There are several migration...applications on the market but migration is usually

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The top 5 hosting myths debunked

… Myth #1: Migrations to the cloud...technicians who do nothing but migrations, day in...every type of migration possible. They also

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8 Things to Consider when Migrating SharePoint Solutions to Office 365

the migration of some or all of their...This isn’t a simple migration and...immature As a precursor to a migration of...Apps. This will make the migration of these

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