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What’s the biggest challenge in Office 365? Just getting there.

Most often heard problem? Migration. Migration projects can bring shudders to IT teams. There are several migration applications on the market but migration is usually accomplished with tools that provide bulk migration

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The top 5 hosting myths debunked

These facts might change your mind… Myth #1: Migrations to the cloud can easily go wrong Fact: Most well-established cloud hosting providers employ a dedicated team of experts and highly qualified technicians who do nothing but migrations, day in and day out; they’ve been through every type of migration possible

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8 Things to Consider when Migrating SharePoint Solutions to Office 365

Many organizations are contemplating the migration of some or all of their SharePoint on-premise solutions to Office 365. This isn’t a simple migration and will require the consideration of a variety of factors

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5 Questions about Migrating Documents into a Cloud Content Management Application

As we discuss in more detail below, migration to the new site may take days or weeks to complete depending on the amount of data and method used to migrate the data. 2, How many users will be using the site?

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Cloud security risks slow adoption - but help is on the way

The migration of information to the cloud is largely regarded as the next major step in enabling organizations to work faster, cheaper and more efficiently. According to the Office of Management and Budget, an estimated $20 billion of the federal government's $80 billion in IT spending is a potential target for migration to cloud-based solutions

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