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Aberdeen Benchmarks for Payables Automation

It’s a great study to use as a benchmark in your organization and should give you an idea if your accounts payable automation is truly automation . Scott Pezza and William Jan, the authors, describe Best-In-Class performance with three metrics: 4.1 days to process an invoice from receipt to approval $3.34 average cost to process an invoice from receipt to approval 90% capture rate for available early-payment discounts They attribute automation as one of the key factors in all three metrics

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Document Process Outsourcing vs Business Process Outsourcing in 2013 & Beyond

In particular, many document processes can be improved through a DPO approach and often include the following: - Accounts Payable Processing -Sales Order Processing -Insurance Claims Processing -Healthcare Chart Conversion Processing -EOB Processing -Mortgage Application Processing One of the fundamental differences for DPO vs

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Urban Myths: The Paperless Office

Let’s use a document-centric process that most people should be familiar with; accounts payable and, specifically, invoices. It’s not uncommon any given enterprise to have accounts payable-related transaction content coming into their enterprise in a variety of different forms

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