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Driving Social Technology Acceptance

Think about that statement for a moment. I heard someone recently that their organization is moving to “drive social acceptance” in the workplace. This to me sounds like trying to get your kids to eat something they don’t like. I know my kids would fold their arms and say ...

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How should a “Perfect” Search project be run?

It was Friday evening, and Charlie was meeting his friends for a drink. They all worked in IT and had, between them, years of experience, especially in the area of enterprises and enterprise search, and liked to get together to catch up with what each was doing. After a few pints and small...

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Out with the UAT!

Its long been more than a decade of software project deliveries for me and over the period it has been punctured with many a UAT . If I were to honestly rate failure-to-success ratios with UAT over the first attempt, it would stand at 95%-5%! That’s how difficult it is to get a UAT...

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Resistance to Change

In the previous blog that I posted (“ Progress at Different Paces ”), it was observed that user acceptance and adoption of records management and ECM systems appear to be a widespread challenge for many organizations. Rather than leave it as a hypothetical statement on my part, I...

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